Beginner / Intermediate Taekwondo
As a beginner taekwondo student you will learn lots of basic techniques. You will learn basic stances. Like back stance, and front stance.
You will learn blocking techniques  like low, middle and high blocks. You will also learn basic punches. And of course you will learn basic kicks. Like front kick, back kick, axe kick and round kick.
Our advice at this stage?
Try to get these taekwondo basics right. Pay attention to small details. Listen to the instructors training and advice.
Practice at home  because these basic techniques are incredibly important for the rest of your taekwondo training.

Advanced Taekwondo

Advanced Taekwondo class expands on what you learned in beginner Taekwondo class. This class moves at a faster pace and includes more advance kicks. In this class students will be taught advanced Taekwondo techniques and theories. Students in this class have  reached a high standard of training and have a thorough understanding of Taekwondo fundamentals including an advanced understanding of Taekwondo rules, guidelines, social ethics and ideology.