About Budokai

Budokai is not like other schools. Our desire is to provide quality training at a reasonable cost and to help you not only in sport, but also in life. Throughout the years this school has been at over a dozen different locations. We have practiced in garages, churches, YMCA's, and our current location. People have come and gone over the years. The one thing that has stayed constant since 1965 is the passion that burns deep within the instructors that have spent their lives as a part of this club. 

We strive to instill and impart a Champion’s attitude by way of three simple concepts.

*  Developing the mindset of a non-quitting spirit, enabling the student to overcome obstacles and work towards specific goals to become a successful achiever.

*  To develop positive habits that lead toward long-term success and happiness.  Habits such as self discipline, self respect and the internal drive and desire to become the best they can be.

*  To live by a set of principles and standards that can be applied to daily living.  To encourage the formation of high personal standards and to demonstrate respect for all human beings.